Surprise visitor to Motorbase HQ

Pinkney Motorbase
February 28, 2020

Motorbase enjoyed a surprise visit yesterday from the legend that is David Pinkney. David is one of the most influential individuals of the Motorbase Performance history.

‘If it wasn’t for David buying that Honda Integra back in 2005 we may have never started our BTCC journey’ David Pinkney bought a Honda Integra from Team Dynamics who had then just won their first BTCC title. ‘That’s how I met Oly (Collins) our Team Manager. He was the Team Manager at Dynamics back then and the guy responsible for selling the car to David and then Motorbase was employed to run the car for the 2006 season. I have an even longer history with Mr Pinkney back to my driving days where we raced against each other and together in the Esso Saloon car Group N series in 91-92. We used to team up together for the long distance races and were pitched against each other in the shorter races. We enjoyed more success together than apart, we just got on really well from the start and still do..”

“”Its great to see him, he came down to see how we’re getting on with the new car which is nice. He was very impressed with what’s been done with the new car and how the BTCC cars move on each year. He naturally felt inclined to offer us advise on what to do and how to do it in the only way David knows how. He still has a genuine interest in what we’re doing and keeps up to speed with all things BTCC and I happy to say after all these years he remains a good friend.”

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