Wera Academy with Alliance Racing – 2023 Season Review – Theo Micouris

Theo Micouris
January 7, 2024

“It has been a fantastic debut year in car racing and a perfect way to start my journey in cars. Originally we didn’t know if we could afford to do the whole season but I showed front running pace from my very first test day so we committed and went into the first race weekend with limited practice and no expectations. I ended up winning my very first race which was also my first ever race out of karting. It was an incredible feeling which gave me the motivation to be even better and improve further throughout the year and with the help of the Wera Alliance Racing Academy, who joined me on my journey halfway through the season, I managed to continue my winning ways throughout the year and win the SR1 Championship with 2 races still to go.”

Theo season stats:

2023 Radical SR1 Champion

2023 Radical Overall Champion

18x race starts

9x wins

7x 2nds

1x 3rd

4 out of 6 Pole Positions

15 out of 18 Fastest Laps

3 Lap Records: Brands Hatch GP, Snetterton 300, Silverstone GP

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